Types of Online Dating Scam

Posted on May 10, 2017 by Admin

Today many people don’t have enough time to find their soul mate if among their friends and acquaintances there is no suitable candidate, and they are embarrassed to get acquainted on the street.

And for such people, the way out of this situation is the online dating sites, which, unfortunately, are all online dating sites scams. People come up with different unfair things, especially if it concerns money. It is a pity but there you can find not only a husband or a wife but also meet cheaters, easy-riders, marriage swindlers, and other internet dating scams. Their work scheme is simple but always very effective: first of all, they ingratiate yourselves to the woman (the man), whenever possible they make their victim fall in love with them and then achieve the main goal – getting as much money as possible.

It’s difficult to recognize an experienced fraudster because they apply a variety of seduction methods. Only the meaning is always the same, they do not need you, just your money.

Be careful and stay alert. Cheaters, dealing with online dating scams, are very knowledgeable in psychology and know a lot of tricks to lure you into their trap. What are the main types of online dating scam that you should beware?

Letters, offering love and asking for help.

You can receive letters from men (women) who write everyone the same letter in which they offer their love, promise a meeting, and the subsequent marriage. Such a letter has a standard set of phrases about the great love at first sight with your photo, promises to give flowers and to love forever. There is no point in answering such a letter, send it to the blacklist at once.

You can also receive letters asking for financial help. In return, you will be promised eternal love and so on. Strangely enough but women receive such letters very often. Read this letter, smile and don’t pay attention to such letters, this is life.

Letters from marriage swindlers.

It is quite real that you will receive letters from marriage swindlers. They want to get money by any means and will be cheating you without any remorse. A huge number of scammers are among men. He can be from other country or he may live in a nearby street. Being interested in dating scams, such men write that they live in the USA, Australia, Germany and other countries. These men lie often about accidents, robberies and other troubles that have occurred to them, but, nevertheless, no matter what, they are full of love to you. If it were not for his problems, he would have flown right to you in the morning, to your city, but unfortunately, he has no money for a ticket. And the most interesting thing is that many women send money to these scammers.


You can also meet a male polygamist. These are such men who bring a woman to their country (if a man is a foreigner), live with her for a while, and then leave her and go for the next one. There are also situations in which a man completely rip a woman off. He persuades her to sell everything she has in order to move to him, and then he just takes all the money and simply disappears. It is not only true in Russian dating scams but also in other nations dating as well.

On vacation with a cheater.

In recent years, a new type of scam has spread. A woman is texting with a man, he suggests going on vacation together at any resort. So, the lovers go to the jointly chosen resort, they have a rest but all the accounts are signed by the woman since the man always has a way to evade signing. And in the end, it turns out that the woman must pay all bills.

So, how to avoid scams?

First of all, you must be extremely careful. You can surely visit dating sites, communicate with people you like but don’t forget about the most important thing – you should keep self-selecting and not attempt provocations of the scammers. After reading this article, you know some ways to avoid scams online and will make a conclusion for yourself. It is a pity, that it's impossible to describe all the tricks of scammers because they come up with more and more new traps in order to get your money.