The History of Dating Scam

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Have you ever wondered why we so easily tell the details of our lives to random fellow travelers? Probably, the reason is that it is easier to communicate with a stranger whom you will never see again. Similarly, it is easier for someone to get acquainted on the Internet, where they can hide something, showing themselves in more attractive forms.

But if you decide to look for a second half in the global network, be prepared that not only worthy applicants will write you, but also those who consider Internet dating as a way of Internet scam.

Earlier, scammers started their acquaintance only for getting out money, but now they cause even more harm. Recently, the number of blackmail cases has sharply increased. Scammers establish trusting relationships with victims and persuade them to send compromising photographic or video materials, and then extort money, threatening to send compromising material to their friends and relatives.

Online dating scams have different schemes. The variety of dating scams is very diverse, but all of them, according to experts, are aimed at deceiving the most vulnerable and trusting users who have a limited circle of contacts. Let’s look at online dating scam stories:

And a girl was so beautiful...

Probably, this is the most harmless online dating scam. Your loss will be more emotional than material. But still, it will be hurt. The scheme is the following: a virtual friend writes not entirely truthful information about herself (she may send fake photos, for example). At the same time, she usually expects that communication in the virtual, and then real life, will brighten up this innocent trick. However, is it worth to continue communication started with deception?

Could you help me?

At this type of fraud on the Internet, virtual acquaintances become a source of financial income for the attacker. The scheme is simple: you get acquainted and makes correspondence with seemingly attractive, extremely decent and extremely defenseless representative of the opposite sex. You had very serious intentions, but (what a disappointment!) a pretty girl ran out of money (doesn’t have enough money for a visa, she becomes feel bad, etc.) and it becomes an insurmountable obstacle to your real meeting. It is the high time say "STOP” to yourself because this meeting is unlikely to take place, and the amount of your money will definitely decrease.

And what if we tell it your girlfriend?

Men, who have relationships, are more likely to fall in this extremely unpleasant situation. At first, online dating seems like a kind of easy entertainment for them, but such deception can have far-reaching consequences. You will not be able to relax when a counterpart threatens to provide details of personal correspondence to your girlfriend. And you need a certain amount of money for preventing this. In short, it is a banal blackmail. The conclusion is simple: don’t tempt fate with a virtual romance.

Such an innocuous SMS…

In this case, an acquaintance on the Internet hides a fraud, stealing your money with SMS. How does it work? There is a link to some Internet resource on the page of your virtual friend. When you click a link, you will find a lot of interesting. But you need to send SMS in order to see more information. In fact, this service will cost you a few dollars. So, it is better to stay away from such SMS-services.

How to protect oneself from online dating scams?

Rule #1. Don’t rush to trust

Every man should have a certain bell inside at the initial stage of virtual dating. It is a kind of reminiscent: "Don’t believe her. Don’t believe yet." it's hard to say when you can open and trust. All this is very individual. Differences between acquaintances on sites and live communication are that people don’t see eyes of their interlocutors, don’t hear the intonation of their voices, and can’t reveal deception in time. Scammers often use this. After all, everyone has the opportunity to draw their own images as they wish in a virtual world. A girl with a bunch of debts can call herself a successful businesswoman, and a long-married mother of three kids — is free and ready for a serious relationship, etc.

Rule #2. Watch her adequacy

In principle, this is not so difficult to do through photographs and written text. Those who begin to swear in serious feelings from the first letter, to scribble on their ex-spouse or to immediately send photos in the nude style is difficult to call adequate people.

Rule #3. Save correspondence

At first, it makes sense to have a separate file for each woman at the stage of selecting the most worthy one, in order not to get confused and have the opportunity to clarify certain points.

Rule #4. Don’t send important information

There is no need to tell the stranger that you go to the Canaries in a week and your apartment will be empty for ten days. After all, “she” can be a burglar, who is waiting for the right opportunity to become rich with your help. Also, don’t tell the amount of your money and don’t talk about the available savings. And even don’t give your passport data, if you are promised to send a large amount to your bank account.

Rule #5. Don’t give the phone number immediately

She may be inadequate and call regularly at three o'clock in the morning — some people have fun in this way.

Rule #6. Don’t agree to a meeting in a deserted place

This advice is very trite, but, nevertheless, it is still relevant. You should go for a walk in the forest or at the river when you are sure that you will not have to run from bouncers. Choose a café, a cinema or a park in the city center for the first meeting. Close people should be aware of where you are. Arranging a meeting or a trip to visit a virtual girlfriend, be sure to tell your plans to friends and relatives. If it is a question of a foreign trip, study carefully the laws of the country you are going to. Don’t trust your passport to anyone. And prepare the amount of money for a return trip.

Rule #7. Listen to your intuition

If it seems to you that a girl somehow looks strange, says, or there is something else, it is worth to end your communication. After all, if there is discomfort at the first meeting (we are not talking about a natural light embarrassment), then about what kind of continuation can we talk?

Rule #8. Reject requests for financial assistance

Real men solve their problems on their own. And they will not refer to a woman, especially if she is not indifferent. This is male psychology. Any person who lives in the society has friends and acquaintances who will help if necessary. It is better not to offer financial help to your new acquaintance. You have the risk of not having anything.

Rule #9. Get acquainted on sites with strict moderation

There is a greater risk of encountering scammers on sites where any registered person has access to acquaintance and communication without checking. Look for serious dating sites.

Rule #10. Check the "black list of scammers".

You can learn a lot of stories about deceived men in the network, as well as the ways that scammers resorted to. Therefore, don’t be lazy to look into the "black lists" having become interested in a pretty young woman. They were created especially for protecting innocent people.