How to avoid dating scam

Posted on March 29, 2017 by Admin

Do you often go to dating sites? Are you surprised at the number of beautiful and young girls who are looking for their suitors? Then our article is just for you. We will tell you about internet dating scams. The popularity of dating sites is constantly growing, and the number of scammers that want to take your money grows along with it. If you have already encountered fraudsters, you know that such information is very relevant and necessary. Carefully read everything that we know about online dating scams and secure your bank account.

Which accounts should be treated with caution? 

Dating sites are used throughout the world today. Just take a look at Yes Dates. You can meet people from all over the world who are looking for a soul mate. But  there are 3 countries in which dating sites are especially popular among all this diversity. And not only to find a love for life. 

You should pay attention with visitors of dating sites from Ukraine, Russia and Romania. They are most often engaged in virtual fraud. It`s indicated  by official statistics and by the personal experience of hundreds of men. 

Why are things like that? After all, Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian girls are very beautiful and cute. And many of them skillfully use this qualities to get your wallet as quickly as possible, and then disappear from your life once and for all. 

How to recognize and avoid scams? 

The behavior of scammers has changed a lot since the first dating site appeared on the Internet. We have become smarter and more cautious, but they are even smarter and more insolent. Yes,  the arrogance of dating scams often helps them to deceive you and deprive you of a tidy sum of money. But there are different ways to avoid dating scams online

Scammers begin their work on you almost immediately. You are likely to read a sad story about the hard life of your new girlfriend after a couple of days of correspondence. But wait! She needs only 150 $ , which will help her pass the exams at the university (remember that Russia, Ukraine and Romania are very corrupt) and change her live for the better. And they are able to convince for real. That is very popular online dating scam.

You should better run if  your interlocutor almost immediately starts the conversation about  money. Yes, as quickly as you can. The second thing that will help to recognize the fraudster with a higher probability is the offer to come on a date. To her home country. A week later. Heard an unequivocal and strict refusal? Continue the correspondence for another week or two and  repeat your proposal again. She doesn`t want you to visit her in Russia? Well, that's exactly one of Russian dating scams. Say goodbye and remove this profile from your favorites and add it to the black list. 

There is one more thing that can save your money. Ask your new girlfriend for a mobile phone number. Add it to Viber and Skype. Arrange for a video call. If she denies you this service, then you are dealing with a fraudster. If a person refuses to confirm his identity, it means that he has something to hide. And most likely this is the intention to force you to part with your money. 

Are all online dating sites involved into scams? Of course not. Not all girls want to deceive you of course. Most of them are still looking for a real relationship, so do not be reprehensible. Just do not forget to care about your safety and do not be too naive. And remember, that most of web sites block scammers and they really take care of their reputation.