Are Russian Dating Agencies a Scam?

Posted on May 30, 2017 by Admin

People are scared by loneliness. Almost all the men want to find someone who will share their lives, beliefs, fantasies, and dreams. If it is difficult to meet such a person in real life (at work, at the gym or in line at the bakery on Sunday mornings for fresh bread), they try not to lose the faith and start searching for their future beloved on the internet. Nowadays it is almost one of the best places to meet the right person. Women create their profiles, filling them with their personal interests, hobbies and life views, making men’s searching easier and maybe even more fascinating. For example, a man is crazy about Russian girls for their obvious amazing features and thinks about Russian dating all the time. He wants to meet a Russian woman and create a serious relationship with her, but he is not surrounded by Russian girls at all. What should he do in such a situation? One of the best choices is to turn to some Russian dating agency. Is it safe or it is easy to run into a dating scam?

What types of Russian dating agencies can you come across?

In fact, all dating agencies can be divided into three main types.

  • A traditional agency "for everyone" with a huge client base, psychological tests, and photo albums, where you will meet with several candidates who are suitable for your desires;
  • An agency "not for everyone", creating the illusion of a chance meeting with a potential partner;
  • An agency, arranging a dating meeting with elements of games or quick dates.

What are the two main fears of dating site scams?

Dating agency doesn’t help you meet your one and only.

Coming to the dating agencies, many people expect that the professionals will pick up their ideal life partners, forgetting that the dating agency provides consulting services. No agency can guarantee you a meeting with your soul mate in a month and a happy marriage in the future.

Almost every agency tries to do its job in good faith. It has its own base with many questionnaires of real girls who are also interested in dating, just like you. It can organize dates, meetings, parties in reality, but the agency cannot make the girls be interested in you if your profile and photos do not attract them. The agency is not able to "hook" the girl if all that you tell her in the letters is: "I have nothing new, and I'm sorry for the delay in replying, but I had no time to write to you."

Every agency is like a newspaper that has published your ad – if no one calls it, then, perhaps it's your fault but not the newspaper.

Russian dating agencies are worried only about their money.

Many people are really worried about Russian dating scams and are sure that agencies are not interested in getting their clients married. When this happens, the agency loses the client and the opportunity to continue earning money on him. The thought is quite simple and seems obvious.

But as it often happens, not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance. The long-term existence of the agency is highly questionable without real marriages, since the largest number of new clients come to the agency on the advice of those, who used it successfully in the past. Each agency values its couples, which are its best recommendation.

What should you do?

The business of dating agencies is associated with working with people in the most delicate and intimate sphere – the search for the most important person in life. It's not so easy to find the right tone and approach in such a sensitive case. The most important mistake of people, who turn to the dating agencies, is to consider that someone has something to do instead of them.

Do not give in to stereotypes and do not build “castle in the sky”. Be realistic and pro-active. The guarantee of success is the desire to understand and take the place of another person (including the one, working in the agency), and take responsibility for the success or failure of the search for yourself.

Of course, sometimes there are some scams on dating sites like everywhere else. In many cases it happens not because of the fault of dating agencies, but because of experienced scammers.

In any case, Russian dating agency is an excellent alternative to social networks, where online dating scams happen much more often.