How to Detect Russian Dating Scam

Posted on December 03, 2016 by Admin

The modern world constantly changes and develops, which surely affects our life – in all the aspects. In particular, the love life of today’s people is going through the grandiose changes. Technologies have captivated dating and marriage so it seems like finding a perfect match is no longer a problem. Yet such a progress also brings certain problems. And those are scams.

In this article, we’re gonna talk about online dating scam, also known as romance scam that you might encounter on Russian dating sites. This type of fraud is committed by gang bands (or scammers) who want to cash in on single foreigners in searches of perfect Russian brides. To that end, they use suggestive techniques – or a special set of verbal means to hypnotize and deceive honest people.

Russian dating gains more and more recognition around the world. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Western men finally realized how stunning Russian women are. Indeed, there are barely greater marriage materials than gorgeous, smart, and feminine ladies from the world’s largest country.

The bridal business currently flourishes in Russia. Due to the local demographical, political, and economic conditions, hundreds of thousands of young ladies make up their minds to trying online acquaintances with guys from Western Europe, Australia, the USA etc. Of course, scammers couldn’t miss such a brilliant opportunity to gain from credulous foreigners.

On the other hand, we wish you to note that online dating sites aren’t scams. So there’s no need to avoid using them – you just need to learn a few techniques of how not to get duped by fraudsters. Let’s right now figure out what makes real Russian brides different from scammers!

Signs that you likely correspond with a scammer

There is the uncountable number of fraudsters in the world yet they all use the same schemes of deception. Therefore, it’s not really that difficult to detect those on online dating sites if you know what features to keep on your radar. So here are the most common signs of a romance scam.

· A supposed Russian girl contacts you first. Well, this is typical for those who make acquaintances through social networks. On Russian dating sites, ladies just set their profiles and wait for men to initiate correspondence.

· Her photos are just too sexy. For instance, a girl poses there dressed to kill or partially naked. Of course, it’s natural for women (especially Russian women) to demonstrate their allure. However, a Russian girl looking for serious relationships would never do so.

· She gets too personal after a short time of communication i.e. reveals intimate details about herself and her family and raises the topics of fatal diseases and financial hardship in order to win your empathy. Or she just obviously seduces you with her pictures and sexy talking.

· A girl shows too many emotions – as if she were already in love with you though you don’t actually know each other. You should know Russian ladies prefer hiding their affection to men until they get closer to them psychologically.

· Her English is absolutely bad (because in fact, scammers originate not from native English-speaking countries). Not all Russian girls have an excellent command of it yet most of them speak and write good enough.

· Your communication is restricted to emails only. Your partner isn’t willing to have live video chats, talk on the phone, or meet you in person. Even if she agrees to visit you, she cancels the date several days prior. The reason is plain – you chat not to a beautiful girl but to a male scammer from some African state.

· After you’ve spent together a while, your Russian pen pal requests your help in some financial operations (like she doesn’t have enough money to pay her travel expenses or mobile bills).

· Likewise, she might tell you stories about how she’s obtained a large sum of money and now she has to transfer it somewhere outside of her country – so if you help her, you’ll get a share of it. The same may refer to precious metals and valuable gifts.

How to protect yourself from scam traps on online dating sites

Eventually, we prepared a few handy tips for you on how to avoid being duped by online dating scammers and fall for a fake Russian bride.

1. Obvious as it may sound, pick a trustworthy online dating site. Before you actually become a member, see customer reviews and study the service’s terms and conditions.

2. Collect all possible information about your pen pal by doing an image search and discovering her profile in other social networks.

3. Think rationally no matter how nice your potential Russian match seems to be and what sweet lines she writes to you.

4. Since you don’t know each other well, never disclose any private information about you nor participate in any fishy enterprises related to money.