7 Reasons Why Godatenow.com Is Not a Scam

Posted on August 30, 2017 by Admin


Godatenow.com is one of the most popular online dating websites that connects mainly Slavic women with men from all around the world. Therefore, it is no wonder that such a huge amount of people wants to acknowledge whether Godatenow.com is the one to trust. As we all know, nowadays there is a lot of unpleasant stuff happening on the net. Well, honestly the life itself becomes more and more cruel day by day, so people have to trust only the reliable people and legitimate websites in order to avoid the trouble.

A dating scam is one of the most spread problems a single man can come across browsing through webpages. Having clicked the icons and new windows every day we all take a risk to lose time, money, necessary services and be left with just negative experience. As mentioned above, single, sometimes desperate people are rather vulnerable to such type of thieves. That is why, today we chose a legitimate website for you. What is more, we decided to describe the reasons that prove why you freely and easily can enter Godatenow.com without thinking about the safety. Here you have 7 reasons why Godatenow is not a scam.

1. A thorough check

All of us know that online dating scams are thriving among the women’s profiles. Thieves usually hide behind the beautiful attractive woman’s photo. However, such a scheme will never happen on Godatenow.

No frauds or scammers can cope with the registration process

Fortunately, the Godatenow.com is made this way. No woman can sign up without her documents (ID) having been verified. Only after confirmation process females are allowed to join the website. Such a procedure highly decreases the chances to come across a Godatenow scam.

Ladies are forbidden to take money there

That is right. Of course, real women can also take illegal actions with the help of dating websites. That is why you should know that the website’s team prohibits any financial transactions through site between couples. The only money you spend is the services of the website. This way, all the money transactions are secure. As sharing and, what is more, taking money is prohibited by the website, you are ought to report to the Support team at once if you noticed somebody is trying to demand any costs from you, so this man/woman will be thoroughly checked.

Confirming features

The majority of websites including Godatenow offer a video broadcasting feature as a way of communication for the couples. It turns out that it is not only an opportunity to chat face-to-face despite thousands of miles separating you two. This is also a perfect way to make sure the person you speak to is not fake. Ask your date to move in a specific way or show something to find out, whether he/she truly exists. We did such a check on Godatenow, so you can relax.

2. Reliable Support team

As mentioned above these are the people who can help you solve any problem or trouble that happened to you on the website. Support icon you can constantly find in the menu bar on the upper part of the page.

Do an online report

All you have to do is write a message describing your complaint, some of your main profile info (Name, E-mail) and verify that you are not a robot writing down the code from the picture. This way you will create an official report on some problem that will in most cases be solved in a day. With such a professional team no dating site scams can be found on this website. That is for sure.

3. Realistic photos

Usually the scams are used to hide behind the HD, photoshopped pictures of super attractive females. So that you would not even longer for a second to write this hot lady back, to say nothing about giving her some of your money and be deceived. However, on Godatenow.com it will take time to find perfect women. Just like in real life. Of course, most of females here are attractive, but not professional top models. Although if you find one here you will be so lucky.

Let the perfect photos pass

The majority of ladies here are simply single women searching not for perfect guys, but for serious and responsible men. The positive traits of character does not usually coincide with the beautiful and attractive facial features. Take this fact into account another time.

4. A refund policy

You may say that scams can cooperate with the website. Therefore, all the previous paragraphs would not simply work. Yes, you are right. That could be possible, if there were no refund policy on Godatenow.

The website brings back the money=it is reliable

However, in the bar at the bottom of each page you are able to find the information on this policy which says, that the site brings you the money back in case of reissuing the credits or renumaration of these. If the website is ready to refund you the credits, why it should deceive you this way? A great food for thought, ha?

5. Godatenow.com is checked by Google

If the website were illegitimate, Google would make sure to inform you with that. Google usually compiles user reviews of high-traffic sites that are usually at the beginning of your search results. Anyway, it is up to you to check Godatenow right now if you wish so, in case you do not trust this article as well.

6. The website’s page is an “https” page

This connection type is considered to be the most secure among all the other. Therefore, a tag “https” is equal to trustworthy. What is more, it is necessary to check whether the payment pages look the same way. We did it in advance and are sure to say that there are no scams on dating site.

7. The huge amount of positive reviews

The last and the most important reason is another people’s experience using this website. There are no more secure way to prove that there are no, for instance, Russian dating scams. As Godatenow is a well-known dating service, you cannot even imagine how many people dated online here before you did. The majority of them, especially those who found love and got married, are usually eager to share their happiness with others.

Examine every comment right to the bottom of the pages

That is why you have to look for comments and reviews and check them on the first place. You have to dig deep in order to find the negative ones, as there can be very few. However, if you find at least one disappointed user, it is better to look for something else. Safety is the most important thing in the 21st century’s computer era. Today we talk about Godatenow and we could find only the positive reviews of this online dating website. Hundreds of couples were created thanks to this site, so after a long checking process why don’t you give it a try?